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Untamed Visual: Where walls become legends with custom printed wallpaper

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Are your walls screaming for attention? Do they dream of dressing up in something that’s uniquely, wonderfully, unmistakably YOU? Well, you’re in the right place! At Untamed Visuals, we’re all about transforming bland into grand with custom printed wallpaper that’s as wild and free as your imagination.


Patterns that POP

Fancy a wall that’s a window to another galaxy or a lush, leafy paradise? Our design wizards are on standby to conjure up something magically yours.


Custom Creations 

 If you are not seeing something, just ask. Our Designers are on standby to help create something custom just for you. 


DIY or Upload

Feeling artsy? Upload your masterpiece and watch it take over your space. Picasso who? We’ve got you making waves right here!

Choose from one of our patterns 
Bedroom FloralBkgnd.jpg

Dream in style with our custom bedroom wallpapers

Choose your Media

Step 1: Select your preferred material: Peel & Stick removable, Traditional Paste wallpaper, or vinyl with adhesive.

Step 2: Choose the finish that best suits your aesthetic: Textured, Gloss, Flat, or Semi.

Step 3: Customize your design, whether it's from our collection, a custom design, or your own upload.

Step 4: Sit back and relax as we handle the rest – from production to shipping.

Step 5: Receive your high-quality, personalized wallpaper right at your doorstep and enjoy the hassle-free installation process.

Step 1: Explore our curated collection of patterns or request a custom design.


Step 2: Choose the option that suits your style - whether it's from our selection or your own creation.


Step 3: Sit back and relax as we bring your vision to life.


Step 4: Your personalized wallpaper will be expertly crafted and shipped directly to your doorstep.


Step 5: Unwrap, admire, and effortlessly transform your space with your unique touch.

Living Room OceanBkgnd.jpg

Level up your living room with custom wallpaper elegance.

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Blush Wallpaper

2781 Freeway Boulevard

Minneapolis, MN 55430


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