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Synk Graphics and Franz Graphics Merge to Form Untamed Visuals, Focusing on Empowering Brands through Visuals

[Minneapolis, MN] – Synk Graphics and Franz Graphics proudly announce their merger, combining decades of expertise and innovation in the graphics industry. The newly formed entity, Untamed Visuals, represents a strategic union aimed at delivering unparalleled visual solutions to clients worldwide.

Synk Graphics, a pioneering woman-owned company established by industry-leading experts, has long been recognized for its commitment to customer-centric services. With a comprehensive range of offerings including print, creative design, customized digital web-to-print portals, and top-tier installations, Synk Graphics has consistently elevated brands through innovative visual strategies.

Franz Graphics, boasting over 55 years of experience, has built a reputation synonymous with quality and attention to detail. Their unwavering dedication to precision and successful solutions has made them a trusted partner for clients across various industries.

Untamed Visuals emerges as a powerful force in the graphics landscape, embodying the values of both Synk Graphics and Franz Graphics. With a continued focus on customer satisfaction and meticulous attention to detail, Untamed Visuals aims to exceed client expectations at every turn.

"At Untamed Visuals, we understand the importance of visual identity in shaping brand perception," said Kate Mast, Chief Visionary Officer and Parter of Untamed Visuals. "Our merger represents a fusion of expertise, creativity, and dedication to excellence. Together, we remain woman-owned and continue our commitment to obsessing over details to bring our clients' brands to life through visuals."

Untamed Visuals is poised to deliver cutting-edge solutions that empower brands to stand out in today's competitive market. The company invites current and prospective clients to experience the transformative power of visuals and discover new possibilities for their brands.

About Untamed Visuals

Untamed Visuals is a leading provider of visual solutions, formed through the merger of Synk Graphics and Franz Graphics. With a focus on empowering brands through innovative visual strategies, Untamed Visuals offers a comprehensive range of services including print, creative design, digital web-to-print portals, and installations. With a commitment to customer satisfaction and attention to detail, Untamed Visuals delivers transformative solutions that bring brands to life.

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